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We have a mostly contemporary style of worship. However, our team is skilled in multiple styles! We are always looking to expand our team! Do you have a skill in music? How about audio, media and video production? We offer it all! 

Our Mission as a worship team:

We rely fully on God to take the controls. That doesn't mean we don't practice, but if God moves, we follow! We believe that in order to lead, you must be led first! We seek the spirit in every service. We understand that music speaks to everyone. We are proud to be a part of this team! Join us! 




PRAISE: Praise is designed to be a verbal, life lived declaration of professing all glory to God. It is often a physical expression of our adoration toward God.

- Example of verbal Praise- “ God is so good!” ; “God is truly moving!” ; “Praise be to God!”

- Example of Physical Praise- Raising our hands in worship; Bowing down on our knees to God.


When we praise God, we are confessing with not only our mouths, but our lives and our actions that He is God and that nothing and no one else is above Him. We are LIVING for Him. It’s easy to give praise to someone who did well in a sporting event. We’ve all done it. It’s even easier to receive praise for doing something well. But giving Praise to God, for some reason seems to be harder. Why is that? Why do we all often feel embarrassed to raise our hands? To actually go to the altar and bow down? It’s because the battle going on for your attention is so great. We tend to listen to that little voice inside saying, “ don’t do that, you’ll look stupid!”, “Everyone is looking right at you!”, “Your body hurts, you don’t need to get down on your knees”.


WORSHIP: Worship is intended to be personal. Intimate. A connection from your spirit, to God’s. This usually happens when your eyes are closed and you are focusing on God in all His glory. You know when you’re singing and all the sudden there’s nothing else in the world going on other than what is happening between you and God? THAT is Worship. When we are completely “in tune” with God.


Do you remember when you were saved? Remember when you could care less what people thought about you walking down that isle to make it public? What changed? Did something change? God didn’t. The same God we fell in love with during that amazing transformation, is the same God we worship today. The great thing is, we get to do it corporately! We have an opportunity to get together with other believers to PRAISE and WORSHIP God!

I challenge you, start putting these into practice in your daily lives. When you wake up, On the way to work, sitting at your desk or performing your daily duties... exercise your spirit.




A perfect example of what Praise and Worship looks like is found in 


Luke 17: 15-16


“15 One of them, when he saw he was healed, came back, praising God in a loud voice. 16 He threw himself at Jesus’ feet and thanked him—and he was a Samaritan.” (Ref.


Verse 15 shows a perfect example of Praise toward God, And verse 16 is how the man worshipped Him.

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