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Welcome to God's BACCyard

A community where kids belong

Our Goal

To help children in our church and our community build a spiritual foundation through which they can develop a personal relationship with Jesus.

Check-in starts at 10:15 for our 10:30 service.

Our children's services start at 10:30, BUT you can register your kids starting at 10:15!


We strive to create safe environments parents can trust. All of our volunteers have gone through a thorough screening process with a background check and an interview.  There will be at least two trained volunteers with your child at all times to take excellent care of them while you worship.


Engaging Lessons

Each lesson is centered around four concepts

Connect, Learn, Play, and Share

No matter what Biblical concepts we are learning that day we strive to CONNECT with each child, LEARN how God is moving, PLAY with the intention, & SHARE what we have learned.



We believe discipleship has it's place in all age groups. Two discipleship programs we offer for children are Trail Life USA and American Heritage Girls. Follow the links below to learn more about the programs or to join today.

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